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Homecoming 2020

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In a world where everyone has a lot to say, it can be quite a struggle to find your own voice. Among the estimated 7 billion people around the globe, some are lucky to be heard, while other voices get drowned amongst the noise. So more often than not, some choose to stay silent, thinking nobody will probably listen anyway.
Silence, however, has its way of getting too loud. It can be quite deafening, especially when there are countless things you know you want to say, all those thoughts at the back of your mind. One way or another, you're going to need to let it out.
Not too long ago, I was browsing through my Facebook feed and stumbled upon the shared photo above. Reading through the caption struck me deeply that I found myself staring at it longer than necessary before saving it on to my camera roll. 
A listener needs a listener too.  
Given my introverted nature, I find myself spending more time li…

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