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Self-care is never selfish. Take a breather, if you must. Pamper your skin. Nourish your soul with kind & gentle words. Calm down that restless heart, and live in the moment; Make each ticking second a time well-spent.
It has been a while since I last sat down and actually spent time with these thoughts that have been swimming in my head. The way of the world has certainly changed since the COVID-19 pandemic came to be. It has brought about an overwhelming mix of emotions as people dive into this so-called new normal way of life. 
It still surprises me how it’s already been 4 months since being placed under community quarantine. It is a big adjustment everyone has to deal with, and personally, for someone like me who is used to spending a lot of my free time at home, spending even more time at home is still something I find myself getting used to during the first 2 months. 
Another thing that I’v…

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